Collaborative Engagement

In addition to the Iran Business Responsibility (IBR) project’s Online Resources, IBR also works collaboratively with companies, governments, financiers, investors and other stakeholders around the globe to encourage and guide responsible business in Iran.

IBR’s Collaborative Engagement programme offers a variety of in-person, single- and multi-stakeholder forums in which to discuss, share experiences, learn more intensively about the challenges to responsible business issues in Iran, and develop effective and practical strategies to address these challenges.


These forums include:

Thematic Workshops

that focus more intensively on specific topic areas and provide access to IBR’s in-depth research on targeted areas of concern.

Good Practice Dialogues

that offer single- and multi-stakeholder settings to discuss and share strategies and experiences pursuing responsible business in challenging environments and develop practical and effective strategies specific to Iran.


IBR has carried out a number of sessions and workshops with companies, industry associations, export credit agencies (ECAs), financial institutions, multilateral development organizations and government.

IBR invites and encourages companies, governments, investors, financiers and other stakeholders to contact us for more information about our Collaborative Engagement activities.