IBR hosts briefing in Geneva on partnering risks in Iran and presents on reponsible exit at UN Annual Forum

December 3, 2018

On November 28, IBR hosted a private breakfast briefing, “Mitigating Risks Associated with Business Partners in Iran and Planning for a Responsible Exit” for a select group of companies, government officials and responsible business practitioners. IBR presented its multifaceted approach which incorporates partner vetting, contractual safeguards and partner supports to help ensure companies are not involved with adverse impacts on people and the environment through their business relationships. For companies leaving Iran, IBR presented detailed insights on measures companies can take to exit responsibly, which is required by international standards on responsible business.

IBR also led a “snapshot” session at the 2018 UN Annual Forum in Geneva on 27 November, on “Exiting Responsibly: How to Ensure Respect for Human Rights in Circumstances of Urgent Exit.” IBR’s detailed work on responsible exit has broad application for urgent company exits from any market, be it for reasons of war, natural disaster, pandemic or sanctions.